• Brianʼs Ribs
  • Once you taste me, youʼll never forget me...
    Our best seller! Baked pork ribs with a sweet, tangy piquet sauce served with rice and corn and carrots.

  • Tenderloin Tips and Eggs
  • USDA Tenderloin beef marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, served with two eggs and rice.

  • Peter's Pork Steak
  • Grilled pork steak, lightly seasoned and served with vegetable medley and harvest rice.


  • The Dax
  • Do you want a piece of me?
    A combination of USDA round steak drizzled with brown sauce and onions with a catch of tavern shrimps paired with tartar sauce and served with harvest rice and vegetable medley.

  • Surf and Turf
  • USDA round steak charbroiled to order, drizzled with balsamic glaze and a skewer of succulent shrimps and vegetable medley. Served with harvest rice.

  • Steak and Eggs
  • USDA breakfast steak, served with 2 eggs and rice or dinner salad. (Dinner salad – half portion of our regular salad and does not come with chicken and dinner roll)

  • David Deanʼs Tenderloin
  • Some like me rare. Others like me medium but itʼs up to you if you like me done well.
    Single USDA steak on top of a mound of mashed potatoes and topped with cheese. Served with brown sauce and garnished with fried onions and roasted almonds.

  • Jon Jayʼs Steak and Pasta
  • You 'll need a fork and knife to finish us both.
    Marinated USDA steak served with brown sauce and a side of spaghetti noodles sautéed in olive oil and garlic.

  • Steak Ala John Paul
  • Yes, Iʼm single but I ʻll make your appetite mingle.
    USDA beef tenderloin cooked in bacon and mushrooms with a side of mashed potatoes and dinner salad.

  • Raffitas
  • U r right, we are not the same but combining us together will make u insane.
    All Raffitas are grilled with fajita vegetables. Served with warm tortillas, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Beef and chicken you can choose, combine them both and you wonʼt lose.

  • All steaks are cooked to your desired taste. How do you want it cooked?

    Rare – cool red center
    Medium Rare – slightly red center
    Medium – pink center
    Medium-Well – slightly pink center
    Well-Done – fully cooked


  • Roasted Seasoned Chicken
  • Chicken quarter spiced with our secret seasoning, roasted and served with mashed potato and vegetable medley.

  • Chicken Fried Chicken
  • Battered chicken breast fillet, lightly fried and topped with cream gravy and served with mashed potatoes and vegetable medley.

  • Golden Chicken Fingers
  • Double breaded chicken tenderloins, fried ʻtil golden. Served with honey-mustard dressing, mashed potatoes and vegetable medley.


  • Soup Of The Week
  • Please ask your server about our soup special

  • Baked Potato Soup
  • Thick, hearty soup of potatoes sprinkled with a medley of toppings of cheese, bacon bits,
    and chives.

  • French Onion Soup
  • This classic soup has a rich and flavorful broth loaded with sautéed onions, red wine, and topped with a crusted breaded and cheese.

  • Carylʼs Country Salad
  • Colorful is what they say, trying me will change your day.
    Breaded chicken strips sliced and placed over a bed of crisp greens, diced eggs, shredded cheese, tomatoes, bacon and tossed in our honey mustard dressing.

  • Watermelon Salad
  • A refreshing combination of watermelon cubes, served over crisp lettuce, mango strips, jicama and nuts, drizzled with our sesame-seed dressing.

  • Mix And Match
  • All dinner salads come in half portion sizes and may vary from original serving ( dinner roll and chicken not included ). Some salads are available in participating locations.
    Choose between a half serving of our dinner salad or soup and pair it with our sandwiches: Half serving of our Club Sandwich or serving of our Monte Cristo OR have both salad and soup with our scrumptious sandwiches. Best paired with fries.

  • Soup and Salad Combo
  • A bowl of your favorite soup and dinner salad of your choice: Carylʼs Country and Watermelon Salad and Chinese Salad.


  • Seafood Carbonara
  • A must-try dish! Treasures from the sea – shrimps and squid in a rich creamy white sauce.

  • Southwest Pasta
  • Marinated chicken breast served over penne pasta mixed with Alfredo sauce, bell peppers and onions.

  • Penne Primavera
  • Roasted vegetables tossed in marinara sauce and served over penne pasta. Try it with grilled chicken.

  • Victoriaʼs Secret Spaghetti
  • Do you want to know my secret?
    Home-made meat sauce topped with oozing cheese. A treat for the young and old.


  • The Mighty Ton
  • We take a kilo of our USDA tenderloin patty and stuff it in our homemade 12-inch bun with all the trimmings of 125 grams of bacon, an overload of american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sauteed onions and mushrooms and paired with your choice of barbecue, cheese or sour cream fries.

  • Burger Bites
  • An American classic! Mini burgers topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese.

  • The Big Bang Burger
  • 9-inch burger topped with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, American cheese on a sesame-seed bun. Sharing recommended.

  • Excalibur
  • Two juicy beef patties, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cheese on a sesame-seed bun.

  • Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese Burger
  • Juicy beef patty topped with white cheese, bacon, and mushroom.

  • Casa Verde Burger
  • This burger has everything on it: onions, tomatoes, American cheese, lettuce, bacon, and fried egg.

  • Chicken Burger
  • Crispy chicken breast, fried golden brown. Served with lettuce and honey mustard dressing.

  • All burgers are served with fries


  • The Count Of Monte Cristo
  • A diner classic! This sandwich is stacked with ham, turkey, white cheese and American cheese on white bread then battered and fried ʻtil golden. Then dusted with powdered sugar and served with raspberry preserves.

  • Club Sandwich
  • A combination of bacon, ham, and turkey along with American cheese and white cheese, lettuce tomatoes, mayo on white bread.


  • Ting-Tingʼs Tavern Shrimps

  • Eight would be great if you ate...
    Delicious butterflied and lightly crusted in breadcrumbs and fried ʻtil golden. Served with our own tartar sauce paired with harvest rice and seasoned vegetables.

  • Shrimp On The Barbie
  • Marinated skewered shrimps and grilled with a side of harvest rice and seasoned vegetables.

  • Tricia Ala Pobre
  • Grilled fish fillet topped with garlic bits together with rice and vegetable medley.

  • Fish and Fries
  • Tender white fish fillet breaded and golden fried to perfection. Served with tartar sauce and French fries.

    Choose your Sides :
    Mashed Potatoes
    Corn and Carrots
    French Fries
    Harvest Rice
    Vegetable Medley
    Plain Rice


  • Green Bites
  • We mix together broccoli, bacon, onions and cheese and roll it in breadcrumbs and serve it lightly fried with a side of honey mustard dressing.

  • Southwest Egg Rolls
  • Crispy egg rolls loaded with chicken, corn, black beans, spinach and spices. Scored with pineapple cream salsa sauce.

  • Chicken Quesadilla
  • Flour tortillas, stuffed with tender, spicy fajita chicken, chopped onions, ripe tomatoes, cheese and grilled to perfection.

  • Ultimate Blazing Nachos
  • Crispy white corn tortilla chips, topped with meat sauce, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, jalapeño and melted cheese.

  • Best Sampler
  • A collection of our best appetizers : Golden fried cheese, Potato skins and Buffalo wings served with sides of marinara sauce, sour cream and bleu cheese.

  • Chips and Salsa
  • Corn tortilla chips paired with our own home-made salsa.

  • Bacon and Cheese Potato Skins
  • Thick potato skins with melted cheese, bacon and chives. Served with sour cream.

  • Fried Cheese
  • Breaded cheese sticks served with a side of marinara.

  • Karlamari
  • Pick me and I will boost your appetite.
    Crunchy squid rings paired with our version of sweet and sour sauce.

  • Buffalo Wings
  • Breaded chicken wings fried until golden and tossed in our winger sauce and served with bleu cheese dressing

  • Thereseʼs Pieces
  • Five is better than one.
    Plump chicken tenderloins, double breaded and fried til golden. Served with our home-made honey mustard.


  • Bliss O' Berry
  • A one of a kind cheesecake that literally "melts in  your mouth". Home-made ice cream-based cheesecake paired with strawberry compote.

  • Victorʼs Peak
  • Height does matter, finishing me will be harder.
    Peanut butter, cookie bits, chopped nuts, chocolate fudge and peanut butter in between chocolate and vanilla ice cream on top of a chocolate cookie crust with whipped cream and topped with cherry and drizzled with chocolate syrup and caramel sauce.

  • Death By Chocolate
  • This dessert is to die for—chocolate and nutty rocky road ice cream mixed with chocolate bar bits on a bed of chocolate cookie crust. Drizzled with chocolate syrup.

  • Laurenʼs Lava
  • Some say Iʼm cold, but handle me with care coz Iʼm hot to hold...
    Chocolate cake filled with chocolate lava. Topped with vanilla ice cream and covered in a crunchy chocolate shell.

  • Strawberry Shortcake Banana Split
  • Moist yellow cake, served in between a split of banana and two scoops of ice cream, drizzled with strawberry and chocolate syrup, topped with clouds of cream and cherries.


  • Fruit Juices & Shakes
    Mango, Pineapple, Watermelon, Pineapple Orange, Four Seasons

    Fruit Shakes
    Mango, Green Mango, Pineapple, Banana, Watermelon, Strawberry Banana, Choco-Banana

    Milk Shakes
    Milky Way, The Biggest Milkshake In Town!
    Imagine a large chocolaty shake good for you and your partner. Best served with our BIG BANG BURGER. LIMITED! Please ask your server for its availability.

    Classic  Shakes
    Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

    John's Mix

    Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Sprite, Grenadine

    Simply Bliss
    Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Coconut milk

    Sodas, Etc.
    Coke, Sprite, Royal, Sarsi, Coke Light, Coke Zero

    Mineral Water

    Coffee and Teas
    Hot Tea
    Iced Tea (Panama Orange or Raspberry )

    Beers And RTDs 
    San Miguel Beer
    San Miguel Light
    San Miguel Strong Ice
    San Miguel Premium Malt
    Vodka Ice
    Vodka Cruiser ( Blueberry, Raspberry )

    Red Wine
    Butterfly Ridge Merlot Cabernet
    Butterfly Ridge Shiraz

    White Wine
    Butterfly Ridge Colombard


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